2022-07-07 golanng ddd

Notes from - Writing idiomatic Go using Domain Driven Design, Damiano Petrungaro

2022-07-01 golang

Go/SQL/PostgreSQL - Custom LastInsertId

2022-06-26 golang

Go/SQL - Fixing the error - Converting NULL to string is unsupported error

2022-06-26 golang

Tips on project structure for Go beginners

2022-06-10 golang

Notes - Introduction to Software Testing in Go

2022-06-10 golang

Go's pointers

2022-05-23 book

Book review - Endure by Cameron Hanes

2022-05-22 linux

Getting Linux distribution's name

2022-05-08 book

Notes from the book Sprint by Jake Knapp

2022-01-30 react.js testing jest

React: Mocking react-router-dom’s useLocation with Jest

2021-12-25 React Typescript

React: Creating a Heading component leveraging Typescript’s typing system

2021-11-27 agility

Re-thinking agility with Allen Holub

2021-10-14 algorithms

LeetCode's Reverse String: in-place with O(1) extra memory.

2021-02-25 typescript jest

Resolving Typescript paths using Jest, and ts-jest

2021-02-20 git

Changing Git’s default branch name of new repositories


Course notes: Being an Effective Team Member by Daisy Lovelace

2020-07-25 typescript

Generating Typescript interfaces from JSON on VS Code

2020-07-04 typescript

Generics functions | Typescript

2020-02-18 rollup svelte

Import svelte components using an alias: @

2020-02-10 javascript

Searching inside of an array of objects - Javascript

2020-02-06 css

CSS: links with sliding underline effect through pseudo-elements

2020-02-06 database sequelize orm

Sequelize and UUID as primary key

2020-02-02 vuejs

Accessing vue global filters inside component methods and lifecycle hooks

2020-01-27 mongodb

Comparing MongoDB ObjectIds

2020-01-22 vuejs sass

Using SASS variables inside vue components

2020-01-14 mongodb express nodejs pagination offset

MongoDB/Mongoose minimal offset-based pagination

2020-01-02 urlfy shortening idea projects

Building URLFY - The idea

2019-12-22 javascript nodejs asynchronous programming promises concurrency

Executing concurrent HTTP requests