2022-05-23 book

Book review - Endure by Cameron Hanes

I’ve just finished listening to the book Endure by Cameron Hanes, which has recently been launched on Audible and narrated by the author himself.

The book covers snippets of Cameron’s life in his pursuit of mastering the craft of bowhunting, and how he perceives physical training and conditioning as tools to help him excel at the craft he has been trying to master.

This book resonates with me because after years of working on my craft as a computer programmer while sitting, at 26 years old my body kept manifesting its physical weaknesses through stiffness and sometimes unbearable low-back pain.

When I found this book I was already working on myself to regain flexibility in key areas of my body, as well as strength such that I would be able to endure the physical demand the act of sitting requires, and by finding a book such a book I became more motivated to keep working on strengthening and conditioning.

To whom should I recommend this book?

Even though this blog post isn’t a book review per se, I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about the path it takes to achieve excellence at a craft, and how body conditioning plays a big part in it.

Keep hammering.